Merge Transit
- The Spot Market Agency
Services and Systems made for those behind the wheel, not behind a desk.


It is a unique question that requires knowing your own business numbers and not something another person can dictate for anyone else!

Use the Merge Transit app and Organization Services to begin tracking YOUR businesses true Revenue and Cost to Operate, so you can know what Cheap Freight is to YOU. Take advantage of our Optimization Services to get the most profitable results out of the Spot Market!


Detailed Load Tracking and Reporting

Have every load stored and organized for your business, allowing for easy reporting and document retrieval.


Know Your RPM, PPM and CPM in Real-Time

Knowing your numbers is the start to good business decisions. Know all business metrics in real-time as you enter shipments and cost.


Custom Scanning Feature For All Paperwork and Receipts

No more using 3 or more apps for business management. We have it all in one place for you. Scan BOL's, Receipts, etc; without needing to go anywhere else.


Create and Send Invoices. Easily Track Days to Pay

Create invoices with one click. You can easily generate invoices for your business and send with all supporting docs when shipments are complete. Also, track days to pay once sent.


Built-In Directions and Map For Each Shipment

Have a shipment booked and entered for today? Just click Get Directions and get turn by turn navigation to your shippers, consignee's or for get route plan before arriving.

Full Service Dispatch - Optimization Program

Get app from Google Play & APP Store and make your job easier.

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